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Contribuţii la istoricul turnătoriilor artistice în metal din România / Contributions to the History of Artistic Foundries in Romania

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Excerpt In Romania, the sculpture of monuments, mostly for public forums, required as a necessity the training of new specialists in metal casting who could ensure the finalizing of works without the support of
foundry workshops abroad. This mission was taken up by the Superior
School of Arts and Trades in Bucharest, school that, for a decade
produces several workers, amidst whom we can find Vasile V. Răşcanu.
This man, by his qualities, by his search for knowledge and by his respect
for the artist as well as for the artist's work entrusted to h im for casting,
accomplished, during his years of hard work, skills that ranked h im as a
highly .qualified specialist. He had a vast activity as caster, teacher, team
organizer, coordinator who, during his lifetime, had the satisfaction of
giving birth to works that, due to their proportions and difficulty required
space, equipment and technology.
The author, aided by his documentati n , reveals to the
researchers eloquent proofs for emphasizing the activity in this trade, that
brought benefits to sculptors the makers of the models entrusted for
casting - , as well as to the public who can admire them.
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  • Muzeul Naţional; X; anul 1998