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Politica României de reglementare a datoriei externe de război / Romania's policy of regulation the external duties of war.

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Excerpt Making a clear distinction between the inter-allied debts and the debts imposed by the Peace Treaties of 1919-1920, the authors intented, in the beginning, to analyse the war in which Romania consolidated its war debts towards Great Britain, USA, Italy and France. At the same time, they indicated that all these countries deducted, from the romanian debts, the amounts representing the destructions brought about to the romanian oil industry by its allies.
Further down, the authors analysed a complex problem: the war reparations. For Romania, this problem had two aspects: our country, as a succesor state of Austria and Hungary, had to pay big amounts of money for the pre-war debts of these two states. At the same time, Romania was entitled to receive reparations from the defeated countries: Germany, Austria, Hungary and Bulgaria. The authors presented the protests made by the romanian delegation at the conferences held by the Commission of the Reparations, becaouse the amounts that Romania had to pay, as a succesor state of Austria and Hungary, were too high, and the amounts that Romania had to receive from the defeated states were too low.
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  • Muzeul Naţional; XI; anul 1999