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Aspecte din viaţa unor boieri din familia Slăvitescu-Ostroveanu (secolele XVI-XVIII) / Diferent life aspects from the boyar family Slavitescu-Ostroveanu (XVI-XVIII)

Limba de redactare română
Excerpt The family of boyar Romanescu begins with Dragul Cherbelet, great spa tar during Radu V, hospodar of Walachia (1522- 1527). He had two sons and a daughter. One of his sons, Mircea, fled in Transylvania with 42000 asprii that represented the taxes of a district. The mark of this act of treason of the hospodar preserved of all the descendents of family. They couldn’t raise in higher officials of state during the centuries. Genealogy of Romanescu’s family extended nine generations from beginning of XVIth century to the middle of XVIIIth century. Wealth of a boyar family was made up of lands and gypsies. In the documents the Romanescu’s family were written down 11 lands in the XVIIth century, but sure they were more. These lands were situated between river Olt and Jiu, in the district of Valcea. The wealth of the family increased with the dowries of their wives. On these lands they had mills, vineyards and fruit gardens. The gypsies were considered wares and were dictated only the purchasers because their masters sold them they need money only. During the Habsburg Empire occupation of Oltenia at the beginning of the XVIIth century penetrated aspects of the capitalist movement of money. The members of Romanescu’s family mostly Vladut begin to deal with usury.
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  • Muzeul Naţional; XVII; anul 2005