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Din nou despre Tudoran Mare Clucer din Aninoasa / Again about Tudoran Great Clucer of Aninoasa

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Excerpt Tudoran, one of the great boyars (the Romanian medieval rank was clucer)* from the manorial family Vlădescu, build up a great sized fortune throughout Wallachia during the middle of the 17th century. He provided his riches by doing merchantry and lending out money on interest. This study gather some of my researches about Tudoran’s genealogical tree and, in conclusion, I have demonstrated that he comes of an important manorial family by the side of his great grandmother, who’s filiation rise to the end of the 15th century. The lady was relative to Cehan from Bucşani, the Sword Bearer of the Court (the Romanian medieval rank was named spătar), connected with Staico Great Chanceller (mare logofăt). These boyars managed many domains in the north part of the nowadays counties Argeş and Dâmboviţa. Tudoran, by the side of his mother, named Chera, came of the manorial family from Cornăţeni, but, in the same time, our personage was married with Alexandra, born Creţulescu and became member of her family, too. Hereby, attending to his consanguinity, he took part of the Cantacuzino boyars’ party, one of the most important two parties in Wallachia, which scrambled one against each other for the government. Among all his children, just one daughter, named Preda, survived up to the adulthood and, beside these, the terrible event of losing his wife affected him very much. He decided to become a monk in Aninoasa Monastery, house of God established by him. He was one of the few boyars of his time who had a vision and understood the economical environment.
*clucer - a historical rank held by boyars in Wallachia and Moldavia, roughly corresponding to that of Masters of the Royal Court
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  • Muzeul Naţional; XX; anul 2008