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Elemente bizantine în inventarul necropolelor din sec. al XII de la Zăbala şi Peteni, jud. Covasna / Byzantian Elements from the XIIth Century in Necropols from Zăbala and Peteni, Covasna County

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Excerpt UAt Zăbala and Peteni had been descovered two of their stock (coins, objects, jewels).
The cemetry from Zăbala is entirely unveiled, but that of Peteni is under investigation. Some of the jewels such as ear-rings with granulation, rings with chaton und a ring an which seal was engraved a cross with double bars, show certain Bizantian influence. Bizantion elements of the material culture of the population from the South-East of Transilvania was already proved from the VII—VIII century our era, but these two cemetries show the presence of Bizantian influence to the XII century.
Paginaţia 137-146
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  • Muzeul Naţional; V; anul 1981