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Le journal de voyage en Egypte du docteur roumain Nicolas Kretzulesco / Jurnalul de călătorie în Egipt al doctorului roman Nicolae Kretzulescu

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Excerpt Dr. Nicolas Kretzulesco, one of the most important character of the Romanian political scene and founder member of the Romanian Medical school, traveled to Egypt at the end of 1868. During the voyage, that lasted four month, dr. Nicolas Kretzulesco kept a
diary containing all his impressions about the cruise on the Nile. He was embarked on a ship put on his hand by kedival Ismail Pascha. His journal include interesting information about all notable persons he met, about the archaeological researches in Egypt, many ethnographical and geographical observations and, not at last, some important remarks abaut the progress made by the state of Egypt in the end of the XIX-th century.
Paginaţia 117-154
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  • Muzeul Naţional; XX; anul 2008