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Alexandru Padina - integrarea pictorului în istoriografia picturii româneşti interbelice / Alexandru Padina - the Painter's integration into the inter-war historiography of the Romanian painting

Limba de redactare română
Excerpt Alexandru Padina (1904-1992)
is one of the most interesting Romanian painters from the generation post-Petraşcu and post-Pallady.
He also constitutes an interesting case of transgressing borderlines of ethnical limits, allowing us to bring more nuances to the concept of national specificity.
Thus, Alexandru Padina was born in 1904 in Romania (in the town named Padina that he afterwards added to his proper name) from a Romanian mother (Adela Făluţă) and a Swiss father, established here in Romania (Louis Moser).
Until 1947, when he left Romania and established himself in Zurich where he died in 1992, Alexandru Padina was considered and remained so until today, as one of the best interwar Romanian painters. After 1947, he didn't change his style, continuing to paint in Switzerland within the same coordinates which were defined beforehand in Romania. Moreover he will be integrated in the Swiss contemporary painting and occupies still today an honorable place in the Swiss Dictionaries of Art.
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  • Muzeul Naţional; XI; anul 1999