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Emil Panaitescu şi columna lui Traian / Emil Panaitescu and Trajan’s Column

Limba de redactare română
Excerpt The historian and archaeologist Emil Panaitescu (18.II.1885-20.II.1958) became known due to the promotion of the classical studies at the University in Cluj and as well as by the direction of the reputed Romania School in Rome, namely Accademia di Romania (1929-1940). From this position he sustained and followed the grandiose project of copying the Trajan’s Column, an endeavour supported also by the management of the Vatican Museums, including the help given by Pope Pius XII. The correspondence presented in this study shows the laborious documentation undertaken by the Romanian scholar from a historiography point of view regarding Trajan’s Column and the generous financial support directly granted by the Holy See for editing a monographic volume dedicated to this outstanding ancient monumental ensemble. The copy of the Column - brought in the 60’s at Bucharest - is nowadays a genuine symbol, exhibited in the benefit of those interested on the Dacia’s history.
Paginaţia 303-315
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  • Muzeul Naţional; XX; anul 2008