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Nicolae Petrescu Comnen - un mare diplomat, pe nedrept uitat / Nicolae Petrescu-Comnen: A distinguished diplomat in disgraceful oblivion

Limba de redactare română
Excerpt Nicolae Petrescu-Comnen served the interests of the Romanian people in crucial moments: in Geneva, Switzerland, during World War One; at the Peace Conference in Paris; in his country's Parliament between 1920 and 1923; as Romania's plenipotentiary for Switzerland and permanent delegate to the League of Nations from 1923 till 1927.
Between 1927 and 1937 Petrescu-Comnen was, in turn, plenipotentiary in Berlin, then the Vatican and back to Berlin. He was appointed undersecretary of state at the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1937 and then became head of this department for the next two years. From 1938 to 1941 Comnen was the Romanian ambassador to the Holy Chair. In 1943, he performed successful negotiations on both belligerent sides in view of sparing the invaluable artistic treasures hosted by Florence. As a result, it was decided that this sanctuary should not be turned into a battlefield, and Nicolae Petrescu-Comnen was awarded the distinction of "honorary citizen" of the beautiful Italian city. Finally, he founded the Romanian Red Cross Committee in exile in 1943, and presided this organization until 1952. His life ended in Florence, on December 8, 1958. Nicolae Petrescu-Comnen is the author of valuable reference books on political history. He was awarded an impressive number of titles and decorations for the distinguished services brought both to his country and to the idea of a democratic Europe, whose unity could only be achieved by constant and reasonable political dialogue.
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  • Muzeul Naţional; XIV; anul 2002