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Repere istorice în memoria artei româneşti - Revoluţia de la 1848 / Historical marks in the memory of romanian art - The Revolution of 1848

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Excerpt It may say that, beside journalism of the time, literature and music, painting, drawing and even the beginnings of statuar art, wear the impact of the sentiment of history and unconditional implication in the hot atmosphere of the 1848 year. Ion D. Negulici, Barbu Iscovescu, Constantin Daniel Rosenthal, Costache Petrescu, Petre Mateescu, Vasile Mateescu, Ioan Costande, Mişu Popp, were directly envolved in fitting up and in the development of the Revolution in Ţara Românească and Transylvania. They were among the organizers of popular demonstrations and fests, they had certain contributions in preparing and starting the Revolution, rendered homage to the leaders in effigy - portraits on which the need of the Romanian nation for moral references is constantly turning. Romantic through destiny and death, through sensibility, pathos and action, painters, sculptors, drawers, revitalised for a short time the artistic discourse and pleaded for freedom, equality and democracy, having a distinct place in the history of Romanian art especially through the unmistakable style of direct participation in making history.
Paginaţia 87-105
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  • Muzeul Naţional; XX; anul 2008