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Muzeul Naţional Cotroceni - Între muzeografia interpretativă şi cea constructivistă / The Cotroceni National Museum – Between interpretative and constructivist museography

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Excerpt The Cotroceni National Museum was founded after 1989, in an epoch of great changes, marked by tensions and uncertainties. Its collection comprises archaeological findings made at the Cotroceni Monastery and objects that belonged to the Royal Family and that had hitherto been scattered among several institutions. Following the establishment of the new museum on 12 July 1991, it became necessary to develop its collection and to find modern ways to properly represent the historical, cultural and artistic evolution of the two edifices which form the Cotroceni historical ensemble: the medieval monastery of Cotroceni (built, as well as the princely palace, between 1679-1681 by prince Serban Cantacuzino) and the royal castle (erected at the end of the 19th century on the place of the former princely palace).
Paginaţia 341-350
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Titlul volumului de apariție
  • Muzeul Naţional; XXVI; anul 2014