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Un hrisov de întăritură şi danie acordat de Grigorie Alexandru Ghica Voievod lui Ioniţă Cerchez / A coefirmation and donation act granted by Prince Grigorie Alexandru Ghica to Ioniţă Cerchez

Limba de redactare română
Excerpt In the National History Museum of Romania’s collection of historical documents is found an act issued by the chancery of Prince Grigorie Alexandru Ghica. The document confirms the princely donation of some pieces of land bought in September 1777 by Ioniţă Cerchez in the „Muntenimea de Mijloc” neighbourhood of Moldova’s capital. Ioniţă Cerchez, the direct beneficiary of the donation, was a member of the Moldavian aristocracy and a court dignitary.
The act, so far unpublished, has a genuine value, as it documents and completes the existing information regarding the history of the Cerchez, an aristocratic family from Moldova, and especially that of the branch of Ştefan Cerchez, Ioniţă Cerchez’s grandfather, a comrade in arms and a close adviser of prince Constantin Cantemir. The act also confirms the data which a 1807 plan (the boundary delineation of the properties owned by the „St. Nicholas the Poor” Church in Iaşi) provides with respect to „Ioniţă Cerchez’s lot”. Moreover, it is important to literary history because Vasile Pogor, who married Zoe, Ioniţă’s niece, built on „Ioniţă Cerchez’s lot” a house which later became the seat of the Junimea Literary Association, the current „Vasile Pogor” Museum (a division of the National Museum of Romanian Literature in Iaşi). In fewer words, it somehow represents the birth act of the „Vasile Pogor” Museum in Iaşi.
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  • Muzeul Naţional; XXVIII; anul 2016