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Două nunţi domneşti la curtea lui Bibescu Vodă / Two princely weddings at Prince Bibescu 's court

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Excerpt In the winter of 1844-45, Prince Gheorghe Bibescu, ruler of Wallachia between December 1842 and June 1848, married his two older daughters, Elisabeta and Ecaterina, with two Wallachian boyars. The former’s wedding was done in a hurry after the Prince found out that she had fallen in love with a man considered below her rank. Both events made the front-page of local newspapers and this article includes, apart from the story of Elisabeta’s unhappy romance, press excerpts containing the description of each wedding. By reading them it becomes obvious that, because of her transgression, Elisabeta’s wedding was celebrated with less pomp than that of her sister’s.
Paginaţia 71-78
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  • Muzeul Naţional; XXVIII; anul 2016