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“I am telling you in a friendly way:It’s a re - mark - able car!”: advertising American cars in interwar Romania

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Excerpt This article studies the advertising of American cars in interwar Romania. It asserts that American cars and the advertising of American cars were the most consumed goods and representations in the interwar period. Moreover, it argues that Romanians consumed American cars not only in their practical role as means of transportations or their promises of pleasures and dreams, but also as representations of American technical progress. The vast majority of American ads that circulated in Romania were translation and adaptation of American ads circulated in the United States couple years earlier or were created by J. Walter Thompson’s international branches for General Motors in their offices in Alexandria, Antwerp, and, later, including in Bucharest office. The example of J. Walter Thompson and General Motors is illustrative for the collaboration between American companies abroad. Working on a global market, imposing global values, they created a model followed and adopted to a different scale in interwar Romania as well.
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  • Muzeul Naţional; XXX; anul 2018
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