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Aşezămîntul cultural Ion I.C. Brătianu / The Ion I.C. Brătianu cultural foundation.

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Excerpt Was created in november 1928, an year after the death of the great political man, under the inltialve of his wife, Eliza Brătianu and those of his brothers, Vintila and Constantin I.C. Brătianu.
Having In view to keep the memory of the dear departed personality, the foundation was developing its activity in three fields:
the organization of a library,
the publication Bratianu's most important works, especially his politcal speeches and articles brought out in his life, beginning with 1909 year,
the raise of a Bratianu's statue worked by Ivan Mestrovici
For achivement of all these, the upper-mentioneds and the most important collalorators and friends, who were near Brătianu along his life and helped him to materialize the historical aspirations of Rumanian people, were working for ten years and spending a lot of mony, the most part of them given by his family, friends, an important contribution had also of institutions, ministries, distict councils, otodox and Greek-Catholic churches and schools.
The unveiled of the monument, a feast for Rumanian people, was treated with consideration from minister to pupil for that man who inspired and contibuted to accomplish the nation ideal and all life served his country.
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  • Muzeul Naţional; XI; anul 1999