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Activitatea generalului de divizie Dimitriu Sava Mircea în cele trei războaie din prima jumătate a secolului al XX-lea, văzută de comandanţii săi /

Limba de redactare română
Excerpt The author presents, on the basis of documents, the activity of the General Dimitriu S. Mircea in all the three wars, underlining his qualities of being a brilliant General, who always behaved like a hero, on the battle field.
He became conspicuous through his bravery, enthusiasm and courage he proved in the offensive operations in Banat, Valea Oltului, Hungary, and in Basarabia and Ukraine, as well.
He proved excellent attributes of administrator. This Job had an established role in the progress of the war, in the Campaign in Bulgaria and in Tiraspol, too. He was the commander of the III Stages Army.
During war, and also during peace, he was on honest man, who loved people and took care about their lives and everything they needed for emproving the human life.
Paginaţia 335-345
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  • Muzeul Naţional; IX; anul 1997