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Învăţătorul-căpitan de rezervă Alexandru I Moldoveanu - erou sau "bandit" /"The Teatcher" - the reserve capitain Alexandru I. Moldoveanu - a hero or a brigand?

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Excerpt The writer, on the basis of some documents from the Archive of the National Defence Ministry proves that Moldoveanu I. Alexandru, a teacher from Nucşoara, Argeş County was an excellent war officer, praised by his chifs, comrades and underlings, and he was considered a hero for his bravely behavior on the battle field. He was rewarded with all the decora tions a subordinate officer could get, including the Military Order Miliai Viteazu" Ill-rd class and with the German Order "Iron Cross" Il-nd class
Because of his material and moral support to the anticommunisl and antisoviet opposition group, he was considered "bandit" by the Romanian Security and Justice. We thinck that this epithet is ungrounded, because all his life he proved himself as being a patriot and a hero in the first two acceptions of the word in the Romanian Languege Dictionary.
Paginaţia 309-317
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  • Muzeul Naţional; IX; anul 1997