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The prisoner camps from the occupied Bucharest and the National Orthodox Society of The Romanian Women

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Excerpt The author describe us the tragic situation of the people from the occupied
Bucharest by German soldiers in 1916-1918. Indeed, the people, who had not left Bucharest on the same time with the
govern and the royal family, tried to resolve their strong problems, enduring all with dignity: the hard winters, without the needed oil and food, the continuous abuses of the German and their Bulgarian allies, taking care of the Romanian officers and soldiers who were wounded or taken prisoners in the camps special founded in Capital. In all these activities, many women involved, with courage and generosity, from all the social categories. The members of the National Orthodox Society of the Romanian Women,
the ones who had not left in Moldavia, to take care of the wounded or of the people who were sick of typhus or fever or in Muntenia and Oltenia to take care of the refugees, were part of the Hospital no. 113, founded by themselves, during the neutral period, at the Institute of Ladies of S.O.N.F.R. from Bucharest, “Principatele Unite” street, no. 63. Moreover, a period of two-months time, after the occupation of Bucharest, first alone, and then with the help of the National Society of Red Cross, which was leaded by Alexandru Marghiloman, S.O.N.F.R. organized and supplied the prisoner camps from the Capital. Through their activity, in spite of all the difficulties, paying with their liberty, health and life, the ladies from S.O.N.F.R. showed the world their love for people, writing one of the most wonderful page of the war history for the country union.
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  • Muzeul Naţional; XIX; anul 2007