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Carte poştală ilustrată. Colecţia Remus Baciu / lllustrated postcards. The Remus Baciu collection

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Excerpt This article presents the postcards collection of Remus Baciu, which comprises 430 illustrated postcards dedicated to the city of Alba Iulia. Dated between 1880 and 1940, the images, most of which are original, depict buildings, monuments, churches, parks, streets, shops in Alba Iulia, as well as political or cultural manifestations and religious processions which took place in the city. On the back of many of them is mentioned the name of photographer Bach, who is thought to have been the official photographer of the city at least until 1918. The collection also includes some postcards with photographs by Samoilă Mârza, famous for the shots taken during the national gathering held in Alba Iulia on 1 December 1918, when the union of Transylvania with Romania was decided. In their majority, the postcards are franked and bear stamps and postal markings, sometimes even collector stamps.
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  • Muzeul Naţional; XXVIII; anul 2016