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Restaurarea - conservarea cazaniei lui Varlaam, din colecţia carte veche a Muzeului Naţional De Istorie A României

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Excerpt Varlaam’s Homiliary was the first Romanian language publication printed in 17th century Moldavia. Metropolitan bishop Varlaam, whose lay name was Vasile Moţoc, ruled the Moldavian Orthodox Church between 1632 and 1653, supporting Prince Vasile Lupu throughout his entire reign (1634-1653). The book could be exhibited thanks to the extensive restoration process it underwent. The text was printed on handmade paper with waterlines (according to the analysis bulletin). The block of the book is made of fascicules comprising two or four sheets. The support paper has various thicknesses. The covers are made of wood and covered in black leather. The restoration was made with the book fully opened, each component being completely restored by respecting all restoration principles.
Paginaţia 355-368
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Titlul volumului de apariție
  • Muzeul Naţional; XXX; anul 2018
Loc publicare Bucureşti