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Aspecte contradictorii în opera lui P.P. Panaitescu. Slavonismul în istoria culturală a românilor / Contradictory aspects of P.P.Panaitescu's works. Slavonism in the cultural history of Roumanians

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Excerpt This paper tries to resume, without any polemic character, the problem that regards the acquiring of the cultural slavonism by the Romanians. This essay is based on the contradictory, even antagonistic position that P.P. Panaintescu adopted in his historian speeches when he approached this reality.
Thus, after the compared analysis of two positions expressed in the time interval of two decades - the one from Romanian interpretations and the one from Introduction to the History of Romanian Culture - the author remarks a surprising inconsistency in the way the great historian sustained his own theories. The fundamental change of the conceptual model, as a premise of the historic appliance, obvious in the Introduction to the History of Romanian Culture, even though practically canceling both the first studies' principles and results, does not disturb the initially exposed observations, whose profoundness the author of these lines tries to emphasize.
Paginaţia 275-288
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  • Muzeul Naţional; XI; anul 1999