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Consideraţii asupra situaţiei demografice din Dobrogea în sec. XIII-XIV / Some considerations upon the Démographie Situation of Dobroudja in the 13th—14th centuries

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Excerpt The use of the ensemble of historic sources has made possible for us to conclude that there were several harbours in Dobroudja in the XIII*h—XIV*h centuries : Mangalia, Constanţa, Zanuvarda, Brillago, Yeni-Sale, Donavici, Aspera, Sancti-Gyorgi, Fidonisi, Solinae, Licostomion, Chilia, Isaccea, Măcin, Hîrşova, Cernavodă, Rasova, Vicina, Silistra.
Among the largest of them, ranked as towns, there were : Mangalia, Licostomion, Chilia, Isaccea, Vicina, Silistra. Of all of them, Vicina is supposed to have had 5.000—10.000 inhabitants, sometime about the year 1300, while Chilia and Silistra had 15.000 in the XIV*h century.
The total number of the harbour inhabitants was of 60.000—70.000 people. The village population was of about 150.000 people, so the total number of the inhabitants was of about 200.000 people.
The inhabitants' trades were much the same as those from the Mediterranean harbours and the usual agricultural ones, the ethnic origin of most of them being a Romanian one.
We can conclude by considering Dobroudja as one of the highly populated regions from the Black Sea Coas
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  • Muzeul Naţional; VII; anul 1983