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Din amintirile unui fost deţinut politic. Represiunea comunistă şi cazul Costel Galalae / Memories of a former political prisoner. Communist repressions and the Costel Galalae case

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Excerpt After 1945, in Romania as well in others East –European countries, a totalitarian regime supported by Moscow started to be installed. That means the elimination of democratic political structures and the instauration of a regime based on psychological terror and physical extermination of the political adversaries. The repression launched under Gheorghe Gheorghiu – Dej (1948-1964) was promoted by Nicolae Ceauşescu (1964-1989) as well. It was called Romanian type of communism. Part of the oppressed persons succeeded to leave the country and started the bases of Romanian emigration. Organizations of Romanians established abroad were set up. This type of organizations evidenced them self by fighting on political and diplomatic ways for setting up the democratic regime in Romania. One of the most important was called The Union of Former Political Prisoners from Romania and it was organized under the leadership of Dumitru Ionescu. The persons willing to became members used to send to this association a file made from legal documents as: autobiography, copy after the legal document attesting the conviction in Romania, recommendations and a letter of intention. Those documents are testifying the dramas of the persons that opposed in one way or another to the communist regime. A representative file received by The Union of Former Political Prisoners from Romania is the one of Costel Galalae. He was doctor of the Port Hospital Constanţa and part of his patients was made from person wiped by the Militia. He refused to falsify the medical rapports and to cover the abuses made by communist authorities. The Security start to intimidate him by threatening phone calls, corporal searching, etc. In the year 1981 his wife and three of his children succeed to refugee in Germany. One year later Costel Galalae hand in an application for leaving definitive the country. His gesture had serious consequences. On 14 June 1982 he was arrested by the Security and the nightmare of communist prisons begins. The main instruments of investigation used by the Security were political pressure and physical tortures of the defendant on the purpose of obtaining the testimony. Through the investigation techniques used by the Security Costel Galalae remind violent beatings, torture instruments, many kind of humiliations, disparagement of his family, dead threatening, etc. Any kind of appeal to the authorities was vain. The Security, Militia and the Prosecuting Office worked together for convicting the defended on the base of fake evidences. The communist authorities frequently prejudiced freedom of speech, free access to Justice and the corporal integrity. He was convicted for 4 years of prison and he knew the communist regime of detention that aimed physical and moral extermination of the convicted person by starvation, cold and isolation. In the year 1986 after he was released from prison, he succeeds to refugees in West Germany leaving behind the communist hell. His autobiographical memoirs representing a tragically testimony of the mode through communism regime ignored any kind of humanity notion, trying to maintain the power through psychological and physical intimidation of the people.
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  • Muzeul Naţional; XVII; anul 2005